The Compagner Sisters

Hello!  Thanks for checking out our page!  We are two sisters who love our Savior and love to sing about what He has done for us!  Based out of southwest Michigan, we began our singing ministry a couple years ago, singing at nursing homes with a team from our church.  Having grown up listening to southern gospel and attending every concert in a reasonable distance, which includes Iowa, our passion for music began to grow.  Soon our passion turned into a ministry.  We are so excited to see what the Lord is doing in our music ministry, and we can't wait to see where He will guide us next! 

While we have always loved music, our passion really began to take off and turn into a ministry when we started attending the North Georgia School of Gospel Music.  As time goes on, God just keeps surprising us and providing opportunities for us to minister in music!  

We hope that you too will have a part in our ministry and will consider inviting us to sing for any event you may have.  We sing southern gospel, convention style music - with shape notes, hymns, and Stacy also plays the flute. We are willing to travel for any size audience, for events such as concerts, church services, retirement homes, banquets, and revivals. We only ask that a love offering be received.  Feel free to contact us if you would like us to minister in music.  We would love to come!



Stacy is 19 years old and sings alto.  She has played the flute for over eight years, which she incorporates into concerts.  She also is currently studying interior design.  Just like her sister, she also is a waitress, and she loves to write songs in her free time.

Amanda is 21 years old with passion for music.  She began taking piano lessons when she was about ten and still enjoys playing.  She has a pure, high voice and mainly sings soprano.  Also, she currently works as a waitress at a small, family restaurant.  She also keeps busy doing online college through Maranatha Baptist University.